Leadership Training Semina

July 7 - 9

"Every leader needs to look back once in awhile to make sure he has followers."

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What is ADVANCE?

    ADVANCE is the dream of many people in the Midwest. This exciting leadership seminar for young leaders will be in its 15th year in the summer of 2007. What you already know and practice will be enhanced- and empowerment for your future will be added.
    Each session of ADVANCE is limited to a total of 30 students. This small number allows for a wealth of discussion and hands-on involvement while promoting one-on-one interaction with the instructors and other students.
    The "Advancers" fast become familiar with one another and share memories that will last a lifetime.
    ADVANCE comes to an end at Timberlake Ranch where the students have the opportunity to tackle the Ropes Course and put to use some of the teamwork they have spent the week learning about.

Listed are some examples of topics covered in past seminars:

Leading by Faith

Time/Personal Management

Academic Goals

Leadership Personalities


Lives of Holiness

Christian & Academic Ethics

What else can you expect at ADVANCE?
  • Presidential Reception
  • Devotionals
  • Timberlake Ranch Retreat
  • Special Activities
  • ADVANCE Tshirt   

For information contact the
Admissions Office
1-800-950-YORK enroll@york.edu