College Apartments Dedicated
By Melanie Wilkinson
York News-Times Staff Writer

YORK -- "This is a big day for us," York College President Wayne Baker said to the crowd numbering more than 100, "as we get ready to dedicate our new student housing facilities."

The beautiful new building off Kiplinger stood tall, shading the shivering visitors as college officials prepared to cut the ribbon.

In July 2005, this site and another on Delaware Avenue were only dirt and fittings. On Feb. 25, 2006, students were carrying boxes and bags into their new homes at the west facility. The facility on Delaware is expected to open in several weeks, Dr. Baker said.

Rusty Ridley, student body president at York College, said it's important "for students to be close to where things are happening -- it will make a difference with the vitality of our campus."

Steve Moseley

The large L-shaped buildings have parking in the rear, and house 97 students in each facility.

Each unit houses four students, who have individual bedrooms and share a living room and kitchen. There are also large commons areas on the main floor of each.

"In the last several months, I've had the opportunity to be in different communities and introduce myself as the mayor of York," Greg Adams told the crowd. "And when I talk to other communities and mention our town, people always seem to be taken by our community. They bring up the balloon water tower, Chances R, the hospital, all the construction and York College. It's a quilt of different things that make up York -- and York College is a big part of that.

"Many communities are envious that they don't have this college," the mayor continued. "And they often say that it seems like there's always something going on in York -- and I say they are right -- something's happening all the time. Well, these dorms are indicative of the spirit of progress, confidence and moving forward, and indicative of the an intellectual and spiritual environment."

Rusty Ridley, student body president, read from Joshua, relating how the Israelites built reminders so future generations could reflect on significant events. He mentioned that special plaques inside the new housing facilities bear the names of those who made large contributions toward the fruition of this project, financially and otherwise.

"We need to remember who contributed financially and were involved in the decision-making process," Ridley said.

He said the student body is excited about the new housing facilities -- right in the heart of the campus.

"We're a stone's throw away" from classes, intramural sports, the college facilities, Ridley said. "Proximity has a big influence on presence. It's important for students to be close to where things are happening -- it will make a difference with the vitality of our campus."

President Baker made a special presentation and thanked Dean of Students Barbara Goodwin and Vice-President Todd Sheldon for their dedication and hard work. He said both were instrumental to the development, planning and eventual success of building the beautiful new student housing facilities on campus.
News-Times/Steve Moseley

"Today represents the culmination of years of planning and hard work," said Dean of Students Barbara Goodwin. "We'll be able to keep upperclassmen on campus, to help them fully engage in the college experience. We're blessed to have this facility and staff who know education is about many things. Students come here with anticipation because this is where they grow to know who they will be."

Dr. Baker agreed that having the students living on campus will be a benefit.

"We're calling our students back to campus," he said. "We will have a 100 percent campus living policy next year -- we believe we'll be better if we have everyone here."

Dr. Baker also commended Dean Goodwin and Vice-President Todd Sheldon "for working tirelessly to make this happen."

After the York College Concert Choir performed and the ribbon was cut, the crowd was allowed to tour the inside of the women's housing facility. Now that students have already moved in, they were able to see what the arrangements are like -- and how homey they are.

"We are mindful of the blessings given to York College," Sheldon said. "And we pray we use these in God's glory."

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February 25, 2006



Women residents started their move into the Kiplinger Apartments with a lot of help from volunteers. The facilities staff provided donuts for all those involved and even got in on some of the hard work. Click on the picture for more views of the big day.

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