Campus Life Transitions
Dean Goodwin passes the baton to Mountjoy

by Chrystal Houston


“I want to take a little time and see what God has in mind for me next,” said Barbara Goodwin, Dean of Students, who recently announced her resignation, effective June 1, 2006. Goodwin has worked in Student Services for the past nine years, and as the Dean of Students for the past six.


In a difficult position with a notoriously high burnout rate, Goodwin has served diligently, and made dramatic improvements in her department. The most obvious improvement in Student Services (now called Campus Life) is the addition of much needed personnel, such as a Residence Life Coordinator, Student Activities Coordinator, Campus Nurse, Apartment Managers, Assistant Residence Hall Managers, and an Assistant Dean for Student Success and Transitions.


“It’s a good time to turn things over to someone who can take it to the next level,” said Goodwin, who will turn the reins over to Dr. Shane Mountjoy in June.


In a recent chapel, Goodwin was presented with a “servant towel”—a token given by Campus Ministries to honor those that serve at YC. During the presentation, President Baker said a few words about Goodwin: “I respect her highly and I honor her greatly…she knows when to look the other way, and when to look you right in the eye.


Goodwin is not planning to leave York when she leaves her position at the college, though she is treating herself to a several month hiatus from work. Her daughter, Audrey, will graduate and get married in May, and after all that tumult, Goodwin plans to “take the summer off” before seeking other employment. She and her husband, Bruce, will also be taking some time to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this June.


Goodwin says she might look for another job with a similar amount of responsibility to her current position, but she also might “get a less involved job so I can be more involved in Bruce’s ministry.” (Bruce serves as the preacher at East Hill church of Christ.)


Her replacement, Dr. Shane Mountjoy, is from the class of ’88, and has taught History at the college for 16 years. In 2001, he earned his Doctorate of Educational Leadership from the University of Missouri, and he is eager to apply that classroom knowledge in his new position as Dean of Students.


“I’m very excited about it…I think it’s a good fit for my background and experience,” said Mountjoy. “It will be a different kind of student interaction, but I’m pumped. I’m really excited.” Mountjoy may continue teaching one class per semester after his first year in the Dean’s position. He also plans to continue writing—currently, he has four books published, two scheduled for publication, and three more projects in the works—though he says the new position might “curtail writing for awhile.”


Mountjoy says he will miss the classroom, but is looking forward to the challenges of the new job. “Good luck getting one by me,” he warns students.