Annual Soul Concern Show Raises Dollars and Laughs

By Amber Peterson


The event that was not to be missed last Friday night was the annual Soul Concern Dollar show.  Students and faculty of York College, as well as members of the community, filed into the East Hill auditorium to donate to a good cause, and get a hearty laugh while doing so.  The laughs were in high supply, and it can safely be said that not one person left the night feeling dissatisfied.


Soul Concern is a drama ministry group made up of seven York college students.  They travel to youth rallies and other events on the weekends to share the message of Jesus Christ as well as recruit for York College. 


The main reason for the Dollar show is to raise needed money to fund a week-long spring-break mission trip.   Most importantly, the group hopes and prays that with each show they are able to touch the lives of their audience, and fill them with the hope of Jesus.


This spring break the group, with their sponsor Price Fowler, will be traveling by van to Florida--a place that Soul Concern has never visited before.  They will be doing a show every day, as well as other service projects, such as visiting and performing at a children’s home.  The mission trip is a great way to share Christ with many who may have not heard his wonderful message.


Friday night’s show was a huge success, and many people were very generous in their support of Soul Concern’s mission.  Every bit of money donated will be used to help spread the message of Christ on their Spring break trip.  Sponsor Price Fowler said, “It shows that hard work, dedication and prayer really pays off.”  Speaking to the members, they shared that they had many late nights in preparation for the show in order to make sure it went well.


Overall the night accomplished what it set out to do.  Much support was given to the group through both donations and prayer and the group put on a good show that the audience will not soon forget.