YC Celebrates Newest Doc

by Chrystal Houston 


YC Professor of Business Roger Collins hasn’t had much leisure time this summer to work in his vegetable garden, ordinarily his favorite pastime. Instead, he’s been laboring mentally, writing and defending his doctoral dissertation. Collins has just passed his defense, and will graduate with a doctoral degree in Educational Studies from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln on August 12.

 Collins, who serves as the Division Chair for the E.A. Levitt School of Business, has been working on this degree part-time since 1996, in addition to teaching full-time and coaching cross country and track. “It’s been pretty tough to do it all part-time,” he said. “It really drug it out.” 

He’s been working on this degree for such long time, he says it probably won’t hit him that it’s done “until next summer, when I’m not in summer school and working on projects.” He says it will also seem more real to him when he’s done getting bills from UNL.  

Though his degree is complete, Collins says he’s not done learning. He intends to pursue other professional development avenues, especially in the area of accounting. “I’ll be looking for ways I can best help the college,” he said. The 2006-07 school year will be Collins’ 26th year with York College. He has served YC in a number of capacities, including instructor, athletic coach, and business manager. In 1995, Collins’ contributions were recognized with the “Second Miler Award”, an honor given to a faculty or staff member that consistently goes above and beyond what is required of them.   

“We’re very proud of his accomplishments and excited about his leadership in the business department,” said Todd Sheldon, Vice President for Finance. “We all want to congratulate him on his success.”


Pictured with Roger is his wife Debbie with her PSTDP Degree she received the day before his graduation. A well deserved recognition - "Putting Spouse Through Doctoral Program".