Food for Thought

     Matthew Carlson picks out a good piece of sausage as the traditional late night country-style breakfast was served up once again by the York College administration, faculty, and staff. Students supposedly used this extra burst of energy supply Sunday night to assist in preparations for their semester finals.

More Pics

(Left) Sonia and Jamie had a broad menu to choose from: biscuits & gravy, scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage links, hash browns, cereal, ...

(Right) Campus Ministries provided some light hearted entertainment with contests such as wrapping a present while blind folded.

(Left & Right) Friends, food, and fellowship... what could be better to take your mind off the pressures for a while?

(Left) Tod Martin shows his skills at the pancake station.

(Right) Campus Minister, Tim Lewis, calls the play by play action while Lauren Sinnott shows a little anxiety as her cookie tower starts to tilt.

(Left & Right) PlayDough sculpturing brought teams of "artists" together, each relying on the other to do their part in crafting the perfect Santa.

(Left) They may not have won the judge's vote, but Nick, Brittany, and Jamie were still very proud of their hard work.

(Right) CM Elves Mallory Garfield and Janae Wrich did their best to keep things rolling and spirits high during the festivities.

(Right) AmeriServe's Robert Simons carefully handles the last batch of pancakes.

(Left & Right) Rob Nill and Nick Harlan stay busy serving up the drinks.

Good luck YC Students with your tests!