Celebrating Finals!

     A late night ice cream social was served up by the York College administration, faculty, and staff to students as they prepared for their semester finals. Students were are all smiles as they got a dip of the good stuff and encouragement to do well on the upcoming exams.


(Left) Billy and Christi Lones make a team effort out of scooping.

(Right) Amanda Baldwin stuffs Shannon Sukraw's coat with fortune cookies... but only for the picture.

(Left & Right) Lloyd and Laura Armbrust enjoy their final Ice Cream social as seniors while introducing Emmaline Rogue to her first.

(Left) A table of satisfied students who can't wait to pull an all-nighter ... or maybe not.

(Right) What makes for a picturesque moment?  All you need are happy faces and a couple of green apples.

Left) The second wave of students look over their choices of the traditional flavors vs. the likes of Amazon Storm and Caramel Mud Splash.



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