York College Launches New JV Athletic Program
By Chrystal Houston

York College is beefing up its athletic program offerings by introducing a new Junior Varsity program for several of its sports. There will be scholarships available for the fall í07 semester for new students wishing to play on the JV teams.

The JV program will serve as a developmental or ďfeederĒ program for the varsity squads. The addition of the JV teams will allow some students access to collegiate athletics who may not otherwise be able to participate. Students who played in high school, but arenít quite ready for collegiate competition, will be able to be a part of the JV teams. After training and playing games with the JV teams, the hope is that the students would move up to the varsity level eventually.

Sports that will offer a JV team will be: menís and womenís soccer, menís and womenís basketball, softball, and baseball.. Athletic Director Chris Luther admits that the development of this program will take some time, but he is excited about the possibility of opening up athletics to more students. He is particularly eager to reach out to high school students in surrounding communities, as well as more students from Christian backgrounds.