MWBC Days a Success

BY Chrystal Houston


Last weekend, York College played host to 10 high school students and 10 parents from Iowa who were here to celebrate the first ever Mid-West Bible Camp days event. This weekend was just for students that attend MWBC during the summer months. It was an opportunity for the students to see their summer-time friends, and to check out York College.


Rob Nill drove a van across Iowa, picking students up and bringing them to campus for this special weekend. The high schoolers were on campus Thursday-Saturday. During that time they attended an academic fair, visited classes, had dinner in the cornerstone room, enjoyed a Basketball game and the Soul Concern Dollar Show. 


“All of these events are typical life at York so students see the real life at YC.  We don’t try to add anything ‘special’ for the event because the daily life at York is already amazing,” said Kristin Mathews, the organizer of the event.  “The small things that we already experience daily…going to class with professors that care, spending time with friends, a huge crowd at the basketball games, eating lunch or dinner together, being at devo….all of these daily happenings are truly spectacular to anyone visiting campus.  Visitors often come from high schools where friendliness and a Christ-filled environment is not the ‘norm’ and where teachers don't normally attend church with them.  What we see as the ordinary is actually the ‘extraordinary’ in this world.”


Mathews says that these special event weekends are important to marketing York College, as the group of students will receive individualized attention on a typical day at York College.  Also, these events allow students to visit campus with friends and be able to consider being students together throughout college, join clubs, and continue some of their strong Christian friendships in college.  Many times, camp friendships and leaders from camp will bring more students to YC.  The churches in the Midwest and North Central states are encouraged by our promoting their camps and students to visit YC. 


The high school visitors stayed in the residence halls with volunteer hosts who are also MWBC alums. This allowed the visitors to experience a taste of the true college life.  “Seeing the relationships in the residence halls is very similar to the relationships at camp,” said Mathews. “There is something unique about the opportunity to talk with our current students, hang out, and just have fun seeing what it is life to live on campus.”