YC Students Help Start School in Nigeria
By Chrystal Houston

"I will never underestimate [the student body] again…I had an expectation of what they would rise up to do, but they really just blew me away,” said Tim Lewis, Campus Minister at York College. Lewis’s excitement is due to the students’ response to his challenge for them to support five children through the Christian Relief Fund. Instead the students raised enough money to support 32 children, and have pledged the finances to do that twelve times during the academic year. This larger contribution is enabling the Christian Relief Fund to start a new school in Nigeria that will accommodate 50 students. The York College students will be the primary sponsors for this school for the first year.

The money raised by the York College students will go toward feeding, clothing, and providing education and healthcare to needy children in Africa. There is a possibility that over Christmas break, several YC students will go to the new school in Nigeria and see the work being done there. Lewis has been to Africa several times and is eager to have an opportunity to serve the people there.

“We wanted to not just talk to the students about what they should be doing, but give them an opportunity to really serve,” said Lewis, who is leading a campus Bible study on discipleship. The first lesson, on compassion, led to the students’ financial commitment to the children in Africa.