Opening days of the
116th year


The students, the lifeblood of York College, have returned giving life once again to the campus. New students arrived on Saturday, bringing with them their hopes and dreams for the future, as well as parents' cars piled high with clothes, computers, and other dorm-life necessities.  

Several athletic teams that had arrived a week early for practice were ready to help freshmen unload vehicles and set up their rooms.  A picnic meal on the campus courtyard officially welcomed the new students and their families to campus. Before the day's end, new students had the opportunity to worship with the YC family at a devotional.  

"Dare You To Move" was theme of this year's freshmen orientation as new students were challenged to get the most out of their college experience. After introductory sessions, a day of tests, and group discussions, freshmen were treated to "bonding" activities on Monday as they loaded up for Nebraska Youth Camp near Kearney.  This was the second time to take orientation on the road, giving student success groups a lion's share of the responsibilities.  Among the activities were the famed mud-pit, extra large slip 'n slide, grill out, and a campfire devotional to end the day. 

On Tuesday night, the community gave their welcome to town with a Community Fair, including free prizes and a picnic dinner on the Court House lawn.  Students were able to meet business people and see what services and products are available to them in town.  

The Opening Convocation ceremony was held on Wednesday at chapel.  Flags from 29 states and 10 countries were carried in, representing the homes of all the student body.  After faculty and staff introductions, President Wayne Baker gave an address about the mission of the college, which is "To provide a quality liberal arts education, equipping students to lead lives of purpose, leadership, and service consistent with Christian ideals."  He then pronounced the 116th academic year at York College officially open.

After devotional services that evening, the East Hill Church of Christ family organized an ice cream social to welcome students... a fitting way to kick off the year in home-style fashion.  

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