Pig Smooching Raises Funds

By Chrystal Houston


A week long fundraising effort on the York College campus netted $3,052.36 for Dylan Odom, a local 9-year-old that has been battling cancer for two years. The fundraiser was a competition between five YC personalities, to see who would get the most monetary votes. The prize for the contest winner? A public display of affection with a pig at half-time of the men’s basketball game versus Oklahoma Wesleyan last Friday.


“I would kiss the ugliest sow in Nebraska if it would just bring a smile to that boy’s face,” said Dr. Robert Lester, Vice President of Academic Affairs, who was the unfortunately popular candidate forced to kiss the pig.


Lester said he was a little concerned about getting up close and personal with the pig as he said, “I have hunted her relatives and barbequed them…I wasn’t sure if she held a family grudge or not.” Lester also suggested that the contest was rigged, and that it should have been Campus Minister Tim Lewis that had to smooch the porcine valentine. “His day of judgment will come,” said Lester, who plans to work toward getting Lewis to kiss the pig during chapel.


The fundraiser was a service project that the York College Student Government Association put together, under the direction of Crystal Soderholm, Service Projects Coordinator. The five YC personalities involved were Lester and Lewis, Student Body President Rusty Ridley, Assistant Manager of Facilities Dennis Leinen, and Athletic Director Chris Luther.


Though the fundraiser was fun for the students, it was for a very important cause. “It was very humbling,” said Rachel Odom, Dylan’s mother. Dylan and Rachel will soon be spending two weeks in Omaha during another round of radiation. Rachel said the money raised would likely be used for transportation and living expenses while they stay in Omaha, as well as medical bills. “You’re deductible resets in January, so it’s very helpful to have this extra,” said Rachel.

Those that would like to contribute to the Odom family are encouraged to make donations at York State Bank to the Dylan Odom Fund.