Sojourners Roll up their Sleeves and Roll on the Paint

By Chrystal Houston 

The Sojourners are back at York College! This group of retirees with R.V.s is dedicated to touring the country doing service projects for different organizations. They are spending two weeks on the York College campus this summer donating valuable services. Their first week was spent helping to facilitate Soul Quest, the annual YC youth camp.

The second week of their sojourn will be spent on campus beautification. They will be doing some painting and other small projects to improve the campus, says Todd Sheldon, Vice President for Finance at YC.

sojourners decal.jpg (74606 bytes)There are more than 800 couples and individuals that participate in the Sojourners program each year. The group is based out of Marshall, TX, but it has members from across the country. Some choose to participate in only a few Sojourns each year, while others do it on a full time basis, traveling from one location to the next. The Sojourners do all kinds of projects, from manual labor to community outreach, visiting locations in the United States and Canada. They work primarily with small congregations, children’s homes, and Christian camps and colleges.

The Sojourners have blessed York College with their service repeatedly in the last few years. In 2001 they came to help in the restoration of the Prayer Chapel. In 2004, they renovated a house used for student residence.

The Sojourners on campus currently are: Harold and Deanna Lambright, Charles and Linda Hickerson, and John and Rita Johnson, all “full-timers” (living out of their campers and not having a hometown); as well as Cleve and Darlene McMillion of Stafford, KS; Ed and Eva Crockett, of Tulsa, Okla.; and Charles and Mirtie Morrison of Amarillo, Tex.

Ever rising gas prices haven’t stopped these dedicated folks from continuing their cross-country service expedition, though it has changed how far some of them travel. Darlene McMillion says that she and her husband tend to look for Sojourn trips that are close to their Kansas home.

Rita Johnson and her husband, John, however, are constantly on the move. Recently they were doing work in the Southeast, and soon they’re headed to Colorado. When asked if they enjoyed it, Rita’s comment was “If we didn’t have fun, we’d go home! Sojourning is fun.”

York College is very grateful for the service these volunteers offer.



Top Photo: Mirtie Morrison grips her paint roller proudly as she works with fellow Sojourners to repaint classrooms in Sack Hall.


Lower Photo: These RVs have logged many miles as the Sojourners travel in them cross country to spread the Good News through acts of service.