Soul Concern Heads West


A dream-team cast of current and former Soul Concern members recently returned from a 10-day mission trip to the West Coast. The group was comprised of Price Fowler, Luke Hawley, Matt Harwell, Matthew Miller, A Thao, Steve Detlefs, and John T. Langley. Admissions recruiter Brien Alley also traveled with the group.


Soul Concern had done a spring break trip to the West Coast several times in previous years, but this year went instead to Florida during that time slot. The groups that normally see them in California, Oregon, and Washington on Spring Break extended the invitation for them to come at a later date, and Fowler, the Soul Concern sponsor, said yes to the summertime tour. “We got so many requests to come out there, I just felt it was something the group really ought to do,” said Fowler.


The members of Soul Concern raised the money for the trip themselves. They estimate that they performed for and ministered to almost 1,000 young people in their audiences over the course of the trip.