Zeb's Last Song
Zeb Carter Gives Senior Recital, Prepares for Graduation

By Katherine Sobetski

“The main reason that I chose York College was because they had a great music department and I wanted to be a music educator,” said Zeboriah Carter, who is nearing the end of his York College Experience. After doing his student teaching next semester, Carter will be graduating this May with a degree in Vocal Music Education and Vocal Performance, with a minor in Theatre. As part of his Vocal Performance degree requirements, on Monday, December 4, Carter performed one final concert: his senior vocal recital.

Carter has not been shy of the stage; he has acted in many YC theatre productions, performed in Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and was also one of the host for Songfest 2005. When the Panther Press asked him about his nerves concerning the recital, of course he admitted he was anxious for it to go well, but because of the time and effort he has put into it, he said, “I am confident that I am ready."

Preparation for his big night began in August, but some of it goes back still farther: “I am singing one piece…that I sang my freshman year.” Past and present teachers, the YC audience, and his own preferences gave Carter plenty to think about when choosing his program for the evening. He ended up with a diverse yet pleasing arrangement of such musicians as Brahms, Mozart, Faure, Donizetti, and some modern pieces of jazz.

In Spring ’07 Carter will be student teaching at Heartland Community Schools in Henderson and Bradshaw, NE. Following his graduation in May he is not exactly sure where he will end up (which is not a foreign concept to most graduates!), though he said, “I do know that I want to end up where God intends for me to serve. I have ambitions of teaching at the junior high and high school levels for a few years and then pursuing my Masters degree in music education.”

Carter wanted to thank those involved in his recital: Mrs. Gayleen Nestor, Mrs. Adrienne D'ickson, Dr. Clark Roush, Dr. Gary Wilson, Sara Firm, Michelle Bentley, Matthew Carlson, Jacob Harlow, Michael Peralta, Matthew Miller, York College Chapter of MENC, York College faculty and staff, and York College facilities; he also wanted to thank his family, “my parents, William Kevin Carter and April Selfridge, as well as my grandparents Garland and Dena Mansel, my sister Emily Carter, and my aunt Becky Carter for their love and support…and their willingness to travel to York to see this event.”

“They all played a big role…and I am very grateful for their help along the way.”

This summer Zeboriah was the first York College student to receive the Nebraska Choral Directors Association (NCDA) undergraduate scholarship. Music Scholarship