Transitions in Admissions

By Chrystal Houston


In the YC Admissions office, heads are spinning with the pace of change in recent months. In the last few weeks there has been one addition to announce, and two changes.


Brien Alley graduated from YC in December of 2005 and by January, he had been offered a position at his alma matter to work as an Admissions counselor. He started the new job last month with much enthusiasm.


Alley, who is in charge of admissions for East Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, and Alaska, says that so far, he is liking his new job. “It’s busy, but that’s good. I like busy,” he said.


There is also news to report at the head of the Admissions Department, as Tod Martin has moved out of his position as Director of Admissions, and is now serving YC in a new capacity as the Director of External Relations. This position will combine Advancement and Admissions responsibilities as Martin will travel the country promoting YC in many different ways.


Christi Lones, recently appointed Recruiting Operations Manager, has moved into the position of Director of Admissions. She says there is not much change in her job description, but there is more responsibility, as she now will answer directly for Admissions reports.


Martin’s position is part of a new tactic for promoting York College. “Ultimately we’re all trying to advance YC. Recruiting is part of it, Development is part of it…it just makes sense to collaborate and communicate,” said Lones of this new departmental alliance. “It’s a way to make our traveling go further and our work do more…a way to get more bang for our buck.”