“Words cannot express how wonderful it was to be with you all and sing with you again.  I needed to be filled up again, and now I am overflowing.  Your friendship and our experiences together fuel my life and I thank you for that.  You are all so very special and I cannot wait to see you, be with you, laugh with you, and surely sing with/for you once again.  May there be many more for us!!”  Talley ( Banning) Morrow - 1998

“I just want you to tell you again what a wonderful, touching and fulfilling experience the past weekend was for me.  Along with getting to connect with some dearest friends and also to stay with the Lawrence's, the Choir singing was unbelievable.  So was your directing, Clark.  Your ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings so openly and descriptively were such a great part of the whole experience.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”   Cathie Sims - 1975

“Thanks again for all the hard work both of you put into last weekend. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it all.”   Marilyn (Pollard) Norris - 1970

“It was great...thanks for the great idea.  It was wonderful to catch up with so many people and to be a part of something bigger than I am again.  Thanks for the uplifting weekend.”   Dawn Carmody - 1988

“Thank you both for all you did.  We had a great time - didn't get much sleep (late night stories), but a wonderful experience.  I look forward to the next one!  Thanks!”   Kristi (Burleson) Brant - 1994

 “Brother Roush, I can't put into words how much this weekend meant to me. Not only did I get a chance to sing with the greatest director, but I got that feeling I had in College: the Spirit, being moved by great music.”  Steve “Norm” Smith - 1995

 “Dear Sue, I want to send you this note of appreciation for all the work you did for the choral reunion.  It will go down as one of the most memorable events at YC since I've been here.  Also, as usual, Clark threw himself so generously into the opportunity, doing his best to make it an offering to our God, who loves the fruit of our lips.”    Dr. Bob Lawrence – Faculty emeritus

 “THANK YOU for all your time and effort in making the reunion a success, and for your continuing use of your talents for God's glory!  Every moment of the weekend was such a refreshment to my soul.”  Natalie (Sutter) Clark - 1989

“So many emotions filled my mind and spirit last weekend as all of us gathered to sing in York, Nebraska.  I wanted to express to you my profound and humbled appreciation for having me be a part of this great experience.  You, once again, reminded me of how important it is to listen and be touched by what you are singing, because we are singing to our Lord and Savior.  This whole experience was such a blessing and I want to thank you both for giving your time and efforts into this special weekend.  IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!!! “ Marla (Stewart) Truitt - 1987

“I will cherish the memory of singing with so many wonderful brothers & sisters the rest of my life.”  Bill Clark - 1976