2006 Phi Beta Lambda
State Leadership Conference Results
 Students In Free Enterprise Team Wins at Regional Conference

Congratulations to the members of the York College PBL-SIFE chapter who competed at the Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda State Leadership Conference held in Kearney March 24-25. 


Pictured above: (L-R) Rasheem Richards, Dustin Hancock, Jared Bady, Vanessa Turvey, Matt Turvey, Jaye Lewis, Loba Ogunmola, Jordan Fortmeyer, Josh Rinard, and Megan Munsell.


Individual awards were received by:


Jared Bady—1st in Telecommunications and 8th in Computer Concepts


Jordan Fortmeyer—3rd in Sports Management & Marketing and 6th in Human Resource Management


Megan Munsell—1st in Business Communications, 1st in Economic Analysis and Decision Making, 3rd in Accounting Analysis and Decision Making and honored as Who’s Who in Nebraska PBL


Loba Ogunmola—1st in Public Speaking and 7th in Impromptu Speaking


Josh Rinard—3rd in Accounting for Professionals, 6th in Economic Concepts and 8th in Financial Concepts


Matt Turvey—1st in Economic Concepts, 1st in Financial Concepts, 1st in Financial Analysis & Decision Making, 5th in Impromptu Speaking and 5th in International Business


Vanessa Turvey—1st in Sales Presentation, 3rd in Public Speaking, 4th in Impromptu Speaking, and 5th in Human Resource Management


York College’s Business Decision Making team of Jared Bady, Jordan Fortmeyer, and Dustin Hancock placed 5th.


In addition, the chapter received the following awards for their projects done in the York community throughout the year:  Gold Level Excellence Award; 1st Place for the American Enterprise Report, 1st Place for the Partnership with Business Report; 3rd Place for the chapter’s Community Service Project and a certificate for 2nd Place for Largest 4-year college Percentage Increase of Membership.


Shawn Bengtson, York College alum and Portfolio Manager at Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society in Omaha, was honored with the Nebraska Businessperson of the Year award.

The York College Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) Team returned to York as winners after participating in the Denver, Colorado, SIFE USA Regional Competition on March 29.  The event was one of 17 SIFE USA Regional Competitions being held across the United States in March and April.  




During this academic year, the York College SIFE Team organized 23 projects in the York community, logging over 1,000 hours of work and impacting over 4,000 people from elementary age to adult.

PBL-SIFE  students pictured above: (1st row) Loba Ogunmola, Bobbie Reeves, Vanessa Turvey, Kristen Poppe, Megan Munsell, and Jordan Fortmeyer; (back row) Jared Bady, Brien Alley, Matt Turvey, Josh Rinard, and Dustin Hancock.


About the competition:

1. Teams had to apply to compete this year.  There are 1200 SIFE teams and only 500 were allowed to complete.

2. The competition is a 30-minute team presentation and question/answer session on projects done to meet the six judging criteria.

3. There is no size distinction in SIFE, only two year and four year categories.  York College competed against schools with 30-40 thousand students and some groups with operating budgets of tens of thousands of dollars.

4. Individual Topic awards were given in each of the six criteria and overall Champion, First Runner Up and Second Runner Up trophies are presented.

After presenting a report of their year-long community outreach projects to a panel of business leaders, the York College SIFE Team was named 1st Runner Up in the overall competition and a finalist in the SIFE USA GE Consumer Products Program Sustainability Competition. 


SIFE is an international non-profit organization active on over 1800 university campuses in more than 40 countries.  SIFE Teams create economic opportunities in their communities by organizing outreach projects that teach: market economics, entrepreneurship, personal financial success skills and business ethics.  Their projects are judged at competition on creativity, innovation and effectiveness.