The Mouse That Roared

To the Dear People of the Most Excellent Community of York:

You are hereby Royally invited to a Most Amusing display of Fine Acting on the York College theatrical stage, this very weekend of October 11-14! 


Nestled in the Alps is a tiny country by the name of Grand Fenwick, and it is about to go bankrupt if something drastic is not done!  So the Duchess Gloriana (Martha Kinyon) and her counsel decide that declaring war with the United States is the best solution to their problems—then they can plan to lose and be rehabilitated! 


Gloriana dispatches her small troop of men, who are led by the most seriously brave, but most sincerely gullible Tully Bascom (Nick Parsons).  Something goes terribly awry, though, and the Duchess and her counsel are dismayed when the soldiers of Grand Fenwick return home, roaring victoriously over the U.S.!


Director John I. Baker III and Assistant Director Nick Floyd have had a grand time bringing this comedy of “pure, sheer fun” to life.  With a quality cast of 32 actors and actresses, and a hilarious script, this play is bound to split your sides with laughter.


York College chivalrously invites you to share in Leonard Wibberly’s comedy “The Mouse That Roared” playing October 11, 12, & 13 at 7:30 pm, and October 14 at 2 pm in Gurganus Hall.  For reservations please call 363-5641.  $6 Adults; $4 Seniors and Students.

Katie Sobetski


Tully Bascom Nicky Parsons
Gloriana The Twelfth Martha Kinyon
Mary Renee Willard
Jane Janette Foreman
Fran  Sara Firm
Pam Sarah Stoutzenberger
Ann Sarah Nading
Norma  Shannon Robinson
Helen Meagan Simpson
Page London Hawley
Miss Johnson Kayla Lawrence
Miss Wilkins Amanda Baldwin
Mrs. Reiner Kathey Stewart
WAC Jill Janae Wrich
WAC Debbie Brittany Ellis
Mrs. Bascom Sonja Rhoda
Professor Smith Heather Coy
Count Mountjoy Mitchell Roush
David Benter Andrew Miller
Mr. Beston Ben Krekel
Professor Kokintz Aaron Rhodebeck
Assistant Kristi Briggs
President Matt Carlson
General Snippet Stephen Detlefs
Will Tatum Matt Ward
Soldier #1 Natasha Pearl Hacket
Soldier #2 Brian Keller
Soldier #3/Announcer Taylor Ladd
Soldier #4/Announcer Patrick Good
Student/Tourist Talia Hazleton
Student/Tourist Dust Hall
Student/Tourist Selena Emery
Assistant Director Nick Floyd
Director John I. Baker III

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