First in State of Nebraska

YC wrestling uses innovation to stop harmful bacteria

York College and Rochester Hills, MI…CSG/SportsCoatings announced Thursday the school’s wrestling facility will become the first in Nebraska to be treated with a nationally-recognized antimicrobial system that eliminates illness-causing microorganisms and continually inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on any surface for the entire season. The Wrestling Package will be applied to York College’s mats and each wrestler’s head gear and shoes.


“Obviously having any of our student athletes miss time because of skin issues can take away from the success of our program,” said Greg Smith, wrestling head coach. “This antimicrobial system helps us stop any issues before they start, and at the very least limit them.”


A recent independent study conducted by renowned sports medicine specialist Thomas D. Kohl, M.D. of the Comprehensive Athletic Treatment Center showed that treating surfaces and fabrics with CSG/SportsCoatings antimicrobial products can significantly reduce the spread of skin ailments when used in concert with a total hygiene program. The study also revealed that CSG/SportsCoatings antimicrobial products play a key role in reducing problematic microorganisms in athletic environments.


“We’ve had so much positive feedback about our Wrestling Package from coaches and athletic directors around the country,” said Kevin Smith, Vice President of Wrestling Sales. “It’s always exciting for us to add a new wrestling program to the family of CSG/SportsCoatings customers. York College is setting a great example for high schools and youth programs in the state of Nebraska.”


The Wrestling Package includes two leading-edge products that are used nationwide by the United States Army, USA Basketball and Softball, National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association. Applying the Wrestling Package is simple two-step process that begins by treating designated surfaces with SportsClean® Plus, a cleaner disinfectant formulated to work in synergy with SportsAide 1000 antimicrobial technology. This is an integral portion of the process because it effectively kills illness-causing microbial contaminants such MRSA, staph, ring worm, and impetigo. Even more importantly, SportsClean Plus meets the OSHA bloodborne pathogen standard for HIV, HBV, and HCV. After properly cleaning the surfaces tabbed for treatment, the unique and innovative antimicrobial power of SportsAide 1000 is applied.


Just one treatment of SportsAide 1000 will inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi on surfaces for the entire wrestling season. The antimicrobial power of SportsAide 1000 is vastly superior to any other technology for several key reasons. The water-based antimicrobial fights a wide array of microbial growth 24/7. Most importantly, SportsAide 1000 will not create adaptive organisms or “super bugs” like MRSA.


CSG is America’s leading provider of long-lasting antimicrobial products, treatments and services.

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