Zach Rush Senior Recital

by Nathana Faddis — Panther Press

Zach Rush

YC senior Zach Rush has a passion and talent for music. Rush is a K-12 Music Education and Vocal Performance major as well as a Psychology minor.

During his time at York College, he has shared and honed his talents through the Concert Choir and as Songfest host, among numerous other performing groups.  To artistically cap his senior year, he is preparing to accomplish yet another musical feat.  

On Tuesday, November 10 at 7 p.m., the First Presbyterian Church of York will provide the venue for Zach’s senior recital. His musical recital will consist of three parts. The first part will be the Lecture Recital. During this first part he will present background information on the pieces selected for his performance. He will cover various aspects such as the composer’s chosen style and the motivation for the composition. This occurs in Gurganus days before the singing recital in a venue for the music department and family/friends. The second part of the recital will be the Vocal Recital where he will sing 17 pieces that encompass all the major western musical languages of English, French, German, Italian, as well as some musical theater pieces.  The third part of his recital experience will be a history paper, presented to Dr. Dickson, covering all the information regarding the songs and the composers included in his recital.  This is the document that served as the basis for his Lecture Recital.   

Rush commented on his musical selections, saying, “My favorite pieces are the musical theater pieces. My closing song will be Tchaikovsky and Other Russians which happens to be my absolute favorite.” The third part of his recital experience will be a history paper covering all the information regarding the songs and the composers of his selections.  

This is the culmination of his hard work over the years. However, it was that work and the accompanying experiences that have helped him grow and have brought him to this point, as he notes: “I have grown tremendously in many ways since becoming a Music Major.  Probably something that excites me the most about my education is I have such a foundation on how to sing correctly, teach others to sing correctly, and how to be patient with those who describe themselves as not being able to sing.” 

Music has and will continue to play an integral role in Rush’s life. He expressed it powerfully when he said: “Music is a unifier of people.  I know that I will be teaching music someday and will have the responsibility to bring together and unify students from all different aspects of life.  The common bond of music, it breaks through hatred, it breaks through disagreements, and it breaks through language barriers. That excites me, because it is an avenue for people to not only be unified, but to, I know it sounds cliché, love each other.”   

Dr. Roush states, “I’m extremely proud of Zach! He brought immense talent to us, but he didn’t rest on his past accomplishments. He continued to work hard and has developed in a fine singer, but more importantly a totally quality human being. Come enjoy the fruits of his extensive and sometimes exhaustive preparation.” 
Zach Rush will display his talent Tuesday, November 10th, 7:00 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church on 4th and Delaware.

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