YC Prof Joins Haitian Relief Efforts

Dr. Mark PearsonAn early phone call woke Dr. Mark Pearson from his Saturday morning sleep and changed his schedule for the next two weeks – or maybe more. Pearson, a biology professor at York College, is a physician and a former medical missionary to Haiti. The phone call came from a friend and fellow medical missionary, Dr. Bob Whittaker, who has served the people of Nigeria for more than 20 years. Both men left for Haiti on January 19, Pearson from his home in York and Whittaker from a temporary residence in Nashville.

Whittaker was calling with a simple proposition: let’s make arrangements to go to Haiti and see what we can do to help. Whittaker had been on leave from Nigeria for the past several months following a gunshot wound that left him with little feeling in portions of his left hand. The gunshot wound resulted when he was kidnapped from Nigerian Christian Hospital.

Pearson had just begun his spring semester with a full teaching schedule ahead. When tragedy struck, he found his York College colleagues ready to cover classes and labs so he could respond to the pressing needs of people in Haiti.

Whittaker and Pearson are able to travel to Haiti with assistance from Healing Hands International who will also provide medical supplies. They will evaluate the situation and best response for other doctors waiting to come in under Healing Hands sponsorship. Another outreach group, Manna Global Ministries, will sponsor Pearson and Whittaker while in Haiti. They will serve for a minimum of two weeks as changing needs are evaluated.

For more information about earthquake relief efforts by Healing Hands International and Manna Global Ministries visit their websites at:


Click here to read extra coverage in the York News Times.

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