Chopped Comes to YC

Students compete in cooking contest

by Sue Roush

choppedLast Wednesday night, four York College students competed to become the first YC Chopped Champion.  The popular Food Network television show was the basis for the competition.  Over 50 students signed up to be on the show and of those 50, the four chosen were Gingerlynn Lanza, of Cypress, Texas, Katie Kynion of Olathe, Kansas, Jamel Wheatley of  Lafayette, Louisiana, and Bryan Williams of Roseville, California. 

Tapped to judge the competition were Development Officer, Nick DiToro, Director of Alumni and Community Relations, Sue Roush, and Aladdin Executive Chef and host of the event, Patrick O’Brien.  “I love to bring people into my world of food,” stated O’Brien when asked why he brought Chopped to the YC campus. 

Performing to a large crowd of their peers, in round one the students unpacked their mystery baskets to see beef shoulder, edamame sprouts, golden raisins and blackberries.  They were given 20 minutes to come up with an appetizer using all the ingredients.  Although her dish had the best flavor, Gingerlynn was eliminated because she was unable to use her time wisely.  She was unable to complete all three plates and didn’t incorporate all the ingredients. 

The three remaining competitors unpacked Ahi tuna, oranges, Roma tomatoes and watermelon for the second round in which they had 30 minutes to come up with a main dish entrée.  At the end of round two, Jamal was eliminated because of taste and lack of creativity leaving round three of the competition to only Katie and Bryan.

Katie KynionAgain, with only a 30 minute window for the dessert portion of the contest, the students remaining unpacked their baskets to mangos, tomatillos, wheat bread, strawberries and fresh mint.  Although both prepared a “french toast” type dessert, Bryan’s didn’t come together as he had hoped and Katie Kynion was crowned the Chopped champion. 

“Bryan won the entrée portion of the competition, but when all was said and done, Katie had the most outstanding meal,” stated O’Brien.  The Aladdin crew hopes to bring back the competition to campus again next year. 

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