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Tim McNeese publishes sweeping U.S. History series

Tim McNeese

York College History Professor Tim McNeese has recently published a twelve-volume U.S. History series with Chelsea House Publishers--New York titled "Discovering U.S. History," a chronological sweep of American history beginning with the prehistory of North America through the election of 2008 and the “Great Recession.”   

The series’ titles include "The New World: Prehistory-1542," "Colonial America: 1543-1763," "Revolutionary America: 1764-1789," "Early national America: 1790-1850," "The Civil War Era: 1851-1865," "The New South and the Old West: 1866-1890," "The Gilded Age and Progressivism: 1891-1913," "World War I and the Roaring Twenties: 1914-1928," "The Great Depression: 1929-1938," "World War II: 1939-1945," "The Cold War and Postwar America: 1946-1963," and "Modern America: 1964-Present."

According to the publisher’s description of the series: “Discovering U.S. History” spans the complex and dramatic history of the United States from prehistoric times to the present day.  Through a compelling narrative, thought-provoking boxed insets, and lively illustrations, each volume brings to life the people and events that have shaped the nation.”

McNeese began working on the series in the fall of 2008 and completed the dozen volumes a year later.  During the past two years, he has been working closely with the series’ handlers, a British book packaging company Bender Richardson and White.

“Thank goodness for email,” says McNeese. “Otherwise, working with editors in Great Britain from here in Nebraska would be almost impossible.”

Professor McNeese says of this new series: "Writing this series for high school students has given me the opportunity to pen a third of a million words and tell my version of American history in a narrative sweep of the events, personalities, and ideas that have shaped the United States even before there was a United States."

The author of over 100 books for children, middle-grade, high school, and college readers, Tim McNeese’s writing focuses on historical themes ranging from American history to the history of Western civilization.

"I have formed a career around both teaching and writing," says McNeese. "Though sometimes requiring a tricky balance of time, energy, and resources, I enjoy both profoundly and receive a great deal of satisfaction from each. It has provided many payoffs for me, both personal and professional."


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