Iron Chef Comes to YC

excerpts by Meghan Shruck - Panther Press


York College watched as self-proclaimed chefs emerged from all corners of campus on Monday, January 17. Students, faculty, and staff observed YC's greatest, or maybe not so great, cooks show off their culinary arts in the Iron Chef competition, sponsored by Aladdin Foodservice. In its second year, the competition promised to be high energy and lots of fun and gave students a chance to show off their cooking skills.

For those unfamiliar with Iron Chef, a series on the Food Network, six teams of three people were given a secret ingredient in their own "Kitchen Stadium," better known as the Mackey Center. The tightly guarded ingredient, mahi-mahi, wasn't revealed until five minutes before the contestants began cooking.

The six cooking stations were each stocked with a burner, utensils, and cooking tools. A common table that contained produce, sauces, spices, and other things was made available to all chefs as the competition got underway. Each chef was donned in an authentic chef jacket that they got to keep as a memento of the evening.

Teams were given a “pantry” of identical ingredients with which to prepare their dishes and given five minutes to come up with a strategy for their entree. The teams had 60 minutes for course preparation before presenting the meal to a panel of three judges. Judging the YC Iron Chef competition were Janae Parsons, Rachel Odom, and Dr. Tracey Wyatt. The judges sampled and scored each entry for taste, creativity, and overall presentation.

Filling in for the Food Network's commentator, Alton Brown, was York College's own emcee, Nick DiToro. Teams were: Team 1 -- Landon Roseberry, Andrew Rush, and David Young; Team 2 -- Chase Craddock, Abdul Sesay, and Carson Tuttle; Team 3 -- Danielle Bowlby, Ana Moyers, and Stephanie Wilson; Team 4 -- Breanna Gates, Mariah Saylor, and Amber Walker; Team 5 -- Jaynie Brautman, Morgan Tackett, Mayra Urrotia; and Team 6 -- Cory Clark, Isaiah Davis, Logan Siddall.

Even though it was a tight race in the judges scoring, there could be only one to receive the prize. Team Dingus was crowned champions of the second annual YC Iron Chef competition with each chef receiving a $50 gift card to WalMart and their captain, Landon Roseberry, a set of chef knives. Their recipe will also be incorporated into the cafeteria's dining menu in the future.

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