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Tim McNeese's expertise on the Civil War utilized in special 150th anniversary edition


USA Today's Civil War Special Edition that was published June 9, has a quote from York College history professor Tim McNeese. McNeese who co-authored Technology and the Civil War was contacted by reporter Dan Vergano for his expertise on how hot air balloons were introduced for reconnaissance purposes during the war. The 48 page special edition covers the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Included in the Civil War memories was an aerial event on June 11, with a 150-year-anniversary celebration of the birth of the U.S. Balloon Corps on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Outside the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum, curators and actors re-created the first moments of balloonist Thaddeus Lowe's storied ascent to 500 feet. From this perch in June of 1861, Lowe telegraphed to President Lincoln a description of the Army camps then surrounding the nation's capital in the first months of the Civil War.

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Tim McNeese"Balloons kind of brought together a lot of the elements — telegraph, photography, logistics — that were emerging in warfare at the time," says historian Tim McNeese of York (Neb.) College, co-author of Technology and the Civil War.

The most important technology of the war was the Minié ball rifled-musket bullet, which caused about 85% of the war's roughly 212,000 battle deaths. McNeese said the Civil War was particularly deadly precisely because such technologies being used widely on a battlefield for the first time.

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