Veteran's Liaison to Support YC Students

The transition from military to college can be a challenge for many veterans. Going from the heavily structured routines of life in the Service, where expectations are clear and immediate, to the much more relaxed atmosphere of campus, where no commanding officer is checking up on progress, can be disorienting to some vets. Navigating their benefits to pay for college and other services can be overwhelming.

Dr. Michael Case, Professor of Bible, Veteran's LiaisonTo meet these needs and others, Dr. Michael Case, professor of Bible, will serve the York College campus as a veteran’s liaison.  Case, an Army vet, says he is familiar with the special needs of this population and is eager to serve them.

Having a veteran’s liaison on campus is important, says Case, even though our current veteran population is small. “It’s a way to show that we care about them,” he says. “Veterans can come with many issues—some of which we can’t deal with. Letting them know that we care about them and pointing them to the resources available can remove a lot of frustration.”

Michael Case in
his Army uniform in 1973

Current and prospective YC students can contact Case to discuss financial aid, veteran’s benefits, and other needs pertaining to campus life. He suggests prospective or incoming students connect with him right away so that they can access the financial assistance for education available to veterans before the start of the semester.

One of the biggest challenges, says Case, is getting veterans to recognize that they need help. “They are used to being independent and getting things done,” he says. This mindset can prevent them from accessing the services they deserve or the help that they need.

One challenge Case sees for veterans is that they tend to isolate themselves. They have trouble relating to classmates who have not experienced the real world. They tend not to join clubs or participate in extracurricular activities as much as their non-military peers. Case plans to reach out to these students and create a support network for them on campus, connecting them with other veterans.  “I want them not to get lost on campus, but to know that there are others who care and who understand their situation,” he says.

Contact Case at or (402)363-5647.

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