Churches of Christ

Churches of Christ

Since 1956, York University has been affiliated with churches of Christ. A majority of the trustees on the school's governing board and all senior administrators are active members of a church of Christ.

​Churches of Christ are committed to taking the Bible as the only guide and creed for believers. Defining characteristics of churches of Christ include: congregational autonomy, believer's baptism, a weekly communion to remember Jesus' death, a capella music in worship and a strong commitment to the study of God's word. While there is significant variation in practice among congregations, the practices described here have been widely held and accepted among members of the churches of Christ who have sponsored the university for more than 60 years.

Although the university is affiliated with churches of Christ, there has never been a membership requirement for students. Our central focus on faith does, however, have a profound influence on every aspect of the campus. Our commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ is the defining characteristic of the university.

For more information about churches of Christ
See a listing of resources available for churches through York University on the Church Relations homepage.

Churches that need to fill ministerial positions may submit a posting for the Churches Seeking Ministry Staff page by contacting Brent Magner at

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