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At York University, you will find an education that will equip you to successfully live out your career goals as well as provide you with opportunities to grow in faith and service. We walk along side you as you find your passions and expand your knowledge. Find the undergraduate or graduate program that is right for you.

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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Through the 45 areas of study in business, sciences, psychology, education and more you'll discover new passions and develop the knowledge and skills to thrive in life, service and career. 

Undergraduate Degrees


Graduate Degree Programs

Serving students who are looking for the next step in their career and providing highly-regarded academic programming in education and organizational leadership.  Learn from commited faculty and alongside engaged classmates. 

Graduate Degrees

Online Learning Programs

Through York University's dual-credit, undergraduate and graduate online studies, you'll discover a space for collaborative learning while finding flexible courses that get you to your goals.

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Schools & Departments

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Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies Department is committed to building a foundation of literacy and preparation for ministry. Whether your post-grad goals are graduate school or entering ministry, you can rest assured that you will be well prepared as a biblical studies major at York University. 

Biblical Studies Department

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Elijah A. Levitt School of Business

The Levitt School of Business comprises one of the largest academic programs at York University. Whether your post-grad goals are graduate school or entering the professional world, you can rest assured that you will enter your chosen field confident and competent in your skills and ability.

Levitt School of Business

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Being an effective communicator is perhaps one of the most important of all life skills, influencing all aspects of our personal and professional lives. The Communications Department will prepare you to excel in a wide range of career fields or to continue your education in graduate school. 

Communications Department

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Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary major designed to provide students with a broad perspective of crime and criminal justice.  The major blends the history, theories, and practical applications of Criminal Justice with Christian ethics.

Criminal Justice Department

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Through the highly recognized Education program at YU, you can pursue a teaching career with   individualized endorsements and concentration areas making you more marketable to future employers. Graduates leave prepared with the knowledge, skills and disposition needed to be successful educators. 

Education Department

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The goal of the Department of English at York University is to produce people who will lead productive and satisfying lives. The great literature of the ages can give wisdom and insight into the human condition. As a YU English student, you will develop skills in effective reading, higher-level writing, and critical thinking.

English Department

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The Department of History is a community of scholars who seek to understand the past and strive to introduce students to the process of historical thinking. With course offerings that cover much of the globe, the department offers the foundation of a broad-based education for an informed citizenry. 

History Department



The Mathematics Department at York University ​is committed to building a foundation of mathematics literacy and preparation for many career options. Whether your post-grad goals are graduate school or entering the workforce, you can rest assured that you will be well prepared.

Mathematics Department

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The Music Department offers skill and content courses to vocal performance and music education majors, through formal classroom instruction, field experiences, performance opportunities and directed study. These work together to prepare you for a future in your chosen vocation or graduate school, while adding to a life more enhanced by music.

Music Department

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Whether your career goal is human services, public relations, advertising, or ministry, the knowledgeable and caring faculty in the Department of Psychology at York University can help you acquire the skills you need for the profession you want. Psychology is one of the largest majors at York University, drawing students from across the United States to the innovative department. Seniors participate in a capstone social science research seminar where they conduct an original experiment and report on their findings. 

Psychology Department

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The Department of Science boasts graduates who have been accepted into some of the country's top universities and programs for the health professions and other graduate studies. You will find exceptional preparation as a future physician, veterinarian, optometrist, physician assistant, pharmacist, chiropractor, nurse, and more.

Sciences Department