International Students


International students will find a warm welcome at York University. We value the contributions of our international students and view them as an asset to our university! Your cultural perspective brings a fresh and unique view to class discussions and social activities on campus. 


International students seeking admission to York University should begin the process early. United States laws require us to register international students with SEVIS, a federal agency, and this takes additional time for processing documents. Once you have been accepted for admission and have received your I-20, you must make an appointment with your local American Embassy to obtain a visa for entry into the United States. The Embassy may schedule your appointment several days or even weeks after you receive your I-20. 

Students wishing to be admitted in a fall semester should submit all documentation by July 1. Applications submitted after July 1 will be considered for spring semester admissions; it will not be possible to issue an I-20, deliver it to you, and have your Embassy appointment completed in time for the fall semester.

Step 1

Complete Your Application

The first step is completing our FREE application for admission.



Step 2

Submit academic credentials & test scores

​Submit certificates, diplomas, examination results, degrees to InCred. Use our as the email address so InCred can advise when your converted transcripts are ready. This service does cost but it allows you to send transcripts to multiple institutions including the NAIA which is required for eligibility. Students transferring from a U.S. accredited institution may be allowed to submit official transcripts directly from those institutions (please consult the office of Admissions for more details).

York University will accept one of the following:

  • ​ACT or SAT scores  
  • TOEFL scores (72 required for iBT-Internet-Based Test)​
  • Duolingo Certified English Proficiency score (100 min. requirement)


Step 3

International Enrollment Deposit & Costs

Direct and Indirect expenses for two semesters at York University can average $30,200 USD. This includes the cost of tuition, fees, textbooks, housing, meals, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses including but not limited to emergencies. Individual payment plans will be assigned for each international student based on scholarships applied and administered by the York University business office. The first payment (25%) must be paid in full in order for the I-20 form to be released to the student.  This payment will serve as the enrollment deposit and will be used towards the student's account.   

Once the deposit is paid, the housing form will become available to international students for completion. Students 23 years of age may apply to live off-campus, however, there will be a 20% reduction of all scholarships.

Note: ALL Steps must be completed by the student on or prior to required date(s) to receive full admittance to York University.  Failure to comply with any and all requirements can and will result in termination of admittance to York University.