First Name Last Name Title Location Phone Email
Jeff Albers Men's and Women's Wrestling Head Coach Sack Hall 402-363-5615
Sean Algaier Campus Minister McGehee Hall 402-363-5620
Brien Alley Director of Financial Aid Hulitt Hall 402-363-5624
Aaron Alvarez Softball Head Coach Freeman Center 402-363-5722
John I. Baker III Associate Professor of Communication and Theatre Bartholomew Performing Arts Center 402-363-5640
Garrett E. Best Associate Professor of Bible, Chair of the Bible and Ministry Department Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5646
Laurie Briggs Financial Aid Officer Hulitt Hall 402-363-5625
Tim Bruner Special Assistant to the Advancement Office, Planned Giving 870-612-2644
Tree Burks Men's Basketball Head Coach Freeman Center 402-363-5622
James Butler-Gruett Associate Professor of English Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5690
Tonya Carr Coordinator of Student Academic Support Services Academic Resource Center at Levitt 402-363-5616
Ana Carvalho Executive Assistant to the President Hulitt Hall 402-363-5621
Paulo Carvalho Maintenance
Justin Carver Men's and Women's Track and Field Head Coach, Men's and Women's Cross Country Head Coach Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5611
Michael L. Case, D. Min. Professor of Bible Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5647
Deb Cleveland Coordinator of Academic Mentoring Program Academic Resource Center at Levitt 402-363-5706
Joel Coehoorn Director of Information Technology Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5603 ​​
Dan Cole Human Resources Manager Hulitt Hall 402-363-5609
Eryn Conyers Director of Publications Hulitt Hall 402-363-5607 ​
Stephen Cooper Director of Residence Life & Housing Larsen House 402-363-5718
Cheryl Couch, Ed.D Director of Masters of Education and eLearning Specialist Sack Hall 402-363-5696
Bailey Davis Cheer Team Head Coach, Dance Team Head Coach Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5606
Robert E. DeHart Associate Professor of Education Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5686
Erin DeHart Ed.D Chair of Division of Professional Studies, Chair of Education Program Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5684
Adrienne Dickson, DMA Adjunct Instructor of Music Music Building 402-363-5653 ​
Nicholas DiToro Associate Professor of Accounting Levitt School of Business 402-363-5660
Milton D. Eckhart MD Associate Professor of Biology Sack Hall 402-363-5673
Steve Eckman, D.Min. Chancellor Sack Hall 402-363-5619
Pam Ehlers Custodial Maintenance
Eli Embray Digital Communications Coordinator Hulitt Hall 402-363-5654
Randy Ervin Psy.D Director of Counseling Services Larsen House 402-363-5701
Melissa Ewing Assistant Athletic Trainer Freeman Center 402-363-5734
Kami Flynt Admissions Event Coordinator and Process Manager Mackey Center 402-363-5627
Grace Gaer Enrollment Counselor Mackey Center 402-363-5747
Irick Gardner Volleyball Head Coach Freeman Center 402-363-5735
Brian Gilchriest Assistant Professor of Education, Men's Basketball Assistant Coach Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5691
Lynnette Gonzalez Resident Director of Studebaker Hall, Administrative Assistant for Student Life Larsen House 402-363-5753
Erik Gray Baseball Associate Head Coach Touchton Clubhouse 402-363-5712
Benny Hanaphy Women's Soccer Head Coach 402-710-9254
Steven R. Hardy, Ph.D. Professor of English Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5719
Leanna Hawley Director of Academic Resource Center at Levitt Academic Resource Center at Levitt 402-363-5692
Jeff Hill Assistant Professor of Psychology Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5671
Trent Hinton Director of Athletic Communications and Compliance Freeman Center 402-363-5698
John Jewell Vice President for Student Life, Dean of Students Larsen House 402-363-5716
Bruce Johnson Enrollment Counselor 402-363-5736
Logan Kaliff Freeman Center
Chad Karcher, LATC, MEd Head Athletic Trainer, Assistant Professor of Physical Education Freeman Center 402-363-5734
Terence McAuley Kite, Ph. D. Professor of Physics Sack Hall 402-363-5642
Bryan Kretz DC Assistant Professor of Biology, Chair of the Division of Science and Mathematics Sack Hall 402-363-5689
Kathryn Kurz Assistant Professor of Education Middlebrook 211 402-363-5749
Jared Leinen Registrar Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5675
Dennis Leinen Facilities 402-363-5655
Shannon M. Leinen Ph.D. Provost, Dean of Online and Graduate Studies, Roger Collins Endowed Chair of the E.A. Levitt School of Business, Associate Professor of Business Hulitt Hall  402-363-5705
Timothy D. Lewis Assistant Professor of Business Levitt School of Business 402-363-5638
Doreen Lopez Women's Basketball Assistant Coach 402-363-5629
Kay Magner Adjunct Music Faculty, University Pianist Music Building (402)363-5723
Brent Magner Senior Advancement Officer Hulitt Hall 402-363-5636
Chris Martens Performing Arts Enrollment Counselor Mackey Center 402-363-5644
Tim McNeese, Ph.D Author in Residence Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5683
Kenny Miller Assistant Sports Information Director Freeman Center 402-363-5724
Pam Miller Administrative Assistant for Advancement and Finance Offices Hulitt Hall 402-363-5664
C. Mark Miller Associate Professor of Mathematics, Chair of Mathematics Department Sack Hall 402-363-5669
Roni Miller Vice President for Enrollement, Title IX Coordinator Mackey Center 402-363-5717
Rose Miller Accounts Payable Hulitt Hall 402-363-5626
Lester Ray Miller Associate Professor of Music, Director of Celebration Singers Music Building 402-363-5617
Corinna Minjarez Women's Basketball Head Coach Freeman Center 402-363-5720
Josh Nething Academic Success Coach, Men's and Women's Track and Field Assistant Coach, Men's and Women's Cross Country Assistant Coach Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5767
Tori Odom Administrative Assistant to the Provost Hulitt Hall 402-363-5614
Ann K. Ostberg Adjunct Professor of Mathematics Middlebrook 206 402-363-5618
Jared Pack, Ph.D Associate Professor of History, Chair of the Department of History Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5634
Zane Pfau Men's and Women's Golf Head Coach Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5702
Gary Pinney Facilities
Ramona Ratliff Information Specialist Academic Resource Center at Levitt 402-363-5708
Greg Reynolds Women's Soccer Head Coach 720-203-7862
Jay Roberts Director of Online Student Services Sack Hall 402-363-5710
Clark Roush, Ph.D. Endowed Chair for the Performing Arts, York University Singers Conductor, Music Department Chair, Professor of Music Music Building 402-363-5610
Janet Rush Bookstore and Post Office Manager Childress Hall (Bookstore/Mail Room) 402-363-5661
Josephine H. Schamp, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry Sack Hall 402-363-5678
Garrett Schwarz Athletic Director Freeman Center 402-363-5657
Terry Seufferlein, D.Min Professor of Bible, Second Chance Education Program Director, Thomas N. Schulz Chair of Mission Studies Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5650
Todd Sheldon Vice President for Finance Hulitt Hall 402-363-5601
Steddon Sikes Director of Alumni Relations and Advancement Officer Hulitt Hall 402-363-5668
Brenda Sikes Title III IMPACT Director Academic Resource Center at Levitt 402-363-5648
Kory Slaughter Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Freeman Center 402-363-5627 Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Mallory Smith Associate Director of Retention Mackey Center 402-363-5630
Amanda Smith Support Services Manager Academic Resource Center at Levitt 402-363-5703
Bryce Smith Enrollment Counselor Mackey Center 402-363-5737
Sam Smith, Ed.D President Hulitt Hall 402-363-5621
Jared Stark Vice President for Advancement Hulitt Hall 402-363-5635
Barbara Thompson Director of Student Accounts Hulitt Hall 402-363-5711
Eric Tremaine Director of Facilities 402-363-5655
Collin Tucker Esports Head Coach Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5659
Shelby Wallick Assistant to the Registrar Middlebrook 402-363-5694
Brian Walth Baseball Head Coach Touchton Clubhouse 402-363-5712
Jared Wiley Digital Solutions Manager Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5645
Bryce Winkler East Campus Area Coordinator, Director of Student Activities Larsen House (402)363-5633
Joshua T. York Director of Online Admissions Sack Hall 402-363-5709
Ken Yunevich Director of Graduate and Online Programming Sack Hall 402-363-5608