First Name Last Name Title Location Phone Email
John I. Baker III Associate Professor of Communication and Theatre Bartholomew Performing Arts Center 402-363-5640
Garrett E. Best Associate Professor of Bible, Chair of the Bible Department Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5646
Michael L. Case, D. Min. Professor of Bible Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5647
Cheryl Couch, Ed.D Director of Masters of Education and eLearning Specialist Sack Hall 402-363-5696
Robert E. DeHart Associate Professor of Education Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5686
Erin DeHart Ed.D Chair of Division of Professional Studies, Chair of Education Program Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5684
Adrienne Dickson, DMA Adjunct Instructor of Music Music Building 402-363-5653 ​
Nicholas DiToro Associate Professor of Accounting Levitt School of Business 402-363-5660
Milton D. Eckhart MD Associate Professor of Biology Sack Hall 402-363-5673
Amy M. Fraser Assistant Professor Of Music, Director of Songfest, Director of Celebration Singers Music Building 402-363-5617
Brian Gilchriest Assistant Professor of Education, Men's Basketball Assistant Coach Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5691
Steven R. Hardy, Ph.D. Professor of English Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5719
Leanna Hawley Director of Academic Resource Center at Levitt Academic Resource Center at Levitt 402-363-5692
Jeff Hill Assistant Professor of Psychology Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5671
Chad Karcher, LATC, MEd Head Athletic Trainer, Assistant Professor of Physical Education Freeman Center 402-363-5734
Terence McAuley Kite, Ph. D. Professor of Physics Sack Hall 402-363-5642
Bryan Kretz DC Assistant Professor of Biology, Chair of the Division of Science and Mathematics Sack Hall 402-363-5689
Shannon M. Leinen Ph.D. Dean of Online and Graduate Studies, Roger Collins Endowed Chair of the E.A. Levitt School of Business, Associate Professor of Business Levitt School of Business  402-363-5705
Timothy D. Lewis Assistant Professor of Business Levitt School of Business 402-363-5638
Christi S. Lones Associate Professor of History Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5680
Billy M. Lones, J.D. Provost Hulitt Hall 402-363-5614
Kay Magner Adjunct Music Faculty, University Pianist Music Building (402)363-5723
Tim McNeese Professor of History, Chair of the History Department Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5683
C. Mark Miller Associate Professor of Mathematics, Chair of Mathematics Department Sack Hall 402-363-5669
Mark W. Phillips Assistant Professor of Psychology Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5672
Ramona Ratliff Information Specialist Academic Resource Center at Levitt 402-363-5708
Clark Roush, Ph.D. Endowed Chair for the Performing Arts, York University Singers Conductor, Music Department Chair, Professor of Music Music Building 402-363-5610
Josephine H. Schamp, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Sack Hall 402-363-5678
Terry Seufferlein, D.Min Professor of Bible, Second Chance Education Program Director, Thomas N. Schulz Chair of Mission Studies Middlebrook Hall 402-363-5650
Todd Sheldon Vice President for Finance Hulitt Hall 402-363-5601