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The Department of History is a community of scholars who seek to understand the past and strive to introduce students to the process of historical thinking. With course offerings that cover much of the globe, from the ancient world to the present, the department offers the foundation of a broad-based education for an informed citizenry. 

History courses at York University ​are designed to:

  • Introduce students to a wide range of cultural achievement
  • Expose students to the currents and cross-currents of humanity’s social, religious, and intellectual experiences
  • Help students see the interrelationships in many major areas of thought
  • Develop a continuing awareness of the richness and variety of human experience 


Degree Programs


Bachelor of Arts in History

History Education

Bachelor of Arts in Education, History Education (7-12 subject endorsement)

For those interested in majoring in Education with an endorsement in History, more information can be found on our Education Department page.

A degree in History provides the skills necessary to pursue rewarding careers in:

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Government Service, including National Park Employment
  • Historian for the Private Sector
  • Living History Interpretation 
  • Museum Curation
  • Politics

Some of the courses you may take include: 

  • History of the United States
  • Western Civilizations
  • African American History
  • Civil War Era
  • The American Frontier
  • Colonial and Revolutionary America​
  • The Early National Period
  • Modern U.S. History
  • Medieval and Renaissance Europe
  • Special Topics in History
  • History of Native America
  • Europe, 1648 to 1815
  • Emergence of Modern Europe, 1815 to 1914
  • ​Writing and Research in History​

  1. The learner will apply his/her understanding of history and historically-based topics and communicate these through their
  2. The learner will be able to analyze and evaluate historical writing, both primary and secondary, using critical thinking skills.
  3. To develop an understanding of the reasons for studying history and of the relationships between the past and the present.
  4. The learner will analyze the sometimes complex cause-and-effect relationships of ideas and events, recognizing also the effects of the accidental and irrational on history


History Faculty

​Dr. Tim McNeese

Chair of the History Department
Professor of History

More about Dr. McNeese

Mrs. Christi Lones

Assistant Professor of History

More about Mrs. Lones

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Clayton Museum of Ancient History

Located on the York University campus, the Clayton Museum of Ancient History featuring the Stanback collection includes a wide array of artifacts, with the core of the collection focused around the Roman soldier. This facility offers enhancements for classroom instruction in history and Biblical studies and provides an excellent collection that the college shares with the public. The museum also offers an interactive children’s area, where younger patrons can learn through play.

History majors at York University ​can gain experience working in the museum as students, learning about the day-to-day of operating a historical attraction, care of artifacts, and the creation of museum displays.