Music Department

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The Music Department at York University is passionate about exploring the body-mind-spirit connection and how faith and learning are integrated in such a way as to prepare students for life -- not just a profession. 

The York University ​Music Department offers skill and content courses to vocal performance and music education majors, through formal classroom instruction, field experiences, performance opportunities and directed study. These work together to prepare students for a future in their chosen vocation or graduate school, while adding to a life more enhanced by music.


Degree Programs

Vocal Performance

Bachelor of Music, Vocal Performance

Vocal Music Education

Bachelor of Arts in Education, Vocal Music Education (K-12 subject endorsement)

For those interested in majoring in Education with an endorsement in Vocal Music, more information can be found on our Education Department page.

A degree in music provides the opportunities to pursue a rewarding career as a:

  • Private Instructor
  • Professional Performer
  • Musical Director
  • Composer
  • Worship Minister

A degree in education with an endorsement in vocal performance can lead to a career as a:

  • Music Teacher
  • Private Instructor
  • Choir Director


Some of the courses you may take include: 

  • Private Piano Instruction
  • Private Voice Instruction
  • The Voice and Vocal Production
  • Ear Training
  • Senior Recital​​​
  • World Music
  • Music Theory
  • Music Literature
  • Diction
  • Conducting
  • Music History 

  1. Students will be able to demonstrate music theory/ear training skills and understandings.
  2. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of instrumentation, and arranging for the instrumental and choral setting.
  3. Students will be able to recognize foundational concepts in music literature, world music, and music history.
  4. Students will be able to demonstrate necessary skills and understandings necessary for conducting and rehearsing, and public
  5. Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in applied music areas.
  6. Students will be able to demonstrate enhanced skills and concepts in recital, lecture, and performance.


Music Faculty

Dr. Clark Roush

Endowed Chair for the Performing Arts
Conductor, University Singers​
Professor of Music

More about Dr. Roush

Mrs. Amy Fraser

Assistant Professor of Music
Director of Celebration Singers and Songfest

More about Mrs. Fraser

Dr. Adrienne Dickson

Adjunct Instructor of Music

More about Dr. Dickson

Mrs. Kay Magner

Adjunct Instructor of Music

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Performance Ensembles

While at York University, students have the opportunity to participate in various collegiate level ensembles. The York University Singers have a long tradition of excellence and is the premier performing ensemble of the department. Celebration Singers is a show choir that offers students a chance to perform “entertainment music” of the highest caliber.

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Job Placement

  • 100% of our departmental graduates who have actively sought employment in the field have found it.
  • 100% of our departmental graduates who have applied to graduate school have been accepted to the graduate school of their choice.
  • Music majors at York University ​have continued their studies at the graduate level in: music education, special music education, choral conducting, voice and vocal pedagogy, music history, and theory and composition.