Distinguished Faith and Learning Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The purpose of the Distinguished Faith and Learning Scholarship is to draw high achieving academic students to campus while also giving those students a defined purpose on campus. Successful applicants are not just capable of high academic quality, but also demonstrate a heart for community, ministry, service and spiritual transformation: the ideals that embody our mission.

This scholarship is a $10,000 annual academic award available to students who score 23 or higher on the ACT or its SAT equivalent (1130). To qualify for the award, applicants must meet the following initial criteria by April 1st:​
  • Complete the York University Application for Admission
  • Make a formal campus visit while classes are in session which includes an interview with the program director
  • Complete and submit a reflective essay
  • Not eligible for an athletic scholarship
  • On-campus residential student

In addition to the scholarship application requirements, students awarded the Distinguished Faith and Learning Scholarship must maintain the following criteria while enrolled at York University:
  • Maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA
  • Attend weekly meetings with the program director 
  • Attend the requisite number of cultural events each semester (as outlined by program director)
  • Remain in good standing with Office of Student Life
  • Must remain an on-campus residential student (unless married)
Important: Any student that accepts this scholarship will NOT be eligible for an athletic scholarship

How to Apply

This scholarship is about involvement, not competition, so multiple students are able to receive the award annually. Students will be awarded the scholarship by the program director in conjunction with the scholarship committee after review of the essay and the satisfaction of other requirements. The award is not intended to be exclusive, but students must meet the required criteria to qualify for the academic award.

In order to apply for this scholarship, please complete the following steps by April 1st:
  1. Complete our free Application for Admission.
  2. Select a date and time to visit campus on our campus visit portal. Remember, you must schedule your visit while classes are in session. While completing the campus visit form, make sure to note in the additional comments portion that you would like to meet with the program director about the Distinguished Faith and Learning Scholarship. This is very important for us to ensure that our program director will be available on the date you selected. 
  3. Submit your essay using the form below. In the 700-800 word reflective essay, applicants will:
    1. Address their pursuit of academic study, career goals, etc.
    2. Discuss the role of their faith in learning
    3. Describe what they want from their college experience

Important: The essay may be submitted at any time during the process before the stated deadline, however it is encouraged that all materials are completed as soon as possible.