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For a cohort of inmates at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York, Nebraska, life has new hope and a new direction, thanks to the Second Chance Education Program offered by York College. 

Over the span of three years, these women will earn an associate's degree, providing them with increased job readiness and a drastically reduced rate of recidivism. 

The Nebraska Correctional Center for Women is home to more than 300 inmates. According to the Bureau of Justice, the U.S. has over two million incarcerated. Of those, only about 13 percent have completed any kind of postsecondary education. Some college education reduces recidivism (rate of return to prison by former inmates) by 30-50 percent, while an associate’s degree reduces recidivism by almost two-thirds. An investment today of time and love opens a door of hope, answering the call for God’s work in inmates who are looking for a way up.
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"We believe in the power of transforming lives through Christ-centered education. These women have shown a strong desire to improve their lives by seeking an education and we are thrilled to be a part of that."

Dr. Terry Seufferlein -Associate Professor of Bible & Second Chance Program Director 

Program Details

  • Located at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York
  • Three year program to earn an associate’s degree
  • Cohort size: 12 
  • Prerequisite: GED or high school diploma
  • Price: Students pay $50 per course
  • Cost: $2,550 per student per year (total with 12 students is $30,600)

Partners Needed

General underwriters or individual student sponsorships will mean sustainability and growth for the program and will provide opportunities for future student cohorts. 

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