York University is pleased to announce that Steddon Sikes ’84 has accepted a new position after more than 38 years of service to the institution. Sikes’ new position at York University is director of alumni relations and advancement officer. 


“I have already witnessed firsthand the ease with which our alumni relate to Steddon, and the joy it brings him as well,” said Jared Stark, vice president for advancement. “I am excited to see his great personality and rich history at York University at work in this role.”


“It’s a real privilege to know thousands of people connected to this anointed place — decades of alumni, parents, ministers, Soul Quest campers, RoundUp participants, and friends,” said Sikes. “I’m looking forward to building on these and other relationships and the conversations I’ll get to sit in on.”

Before this transition, Sikes had been the director of publications. This position will now be transferred to Eryn Conyers ’16, who has been working in the department of advancement since the fall of 2019. Conyers was managing most of the advancement office’s digital media, which presented itself as quite a large task during the institution’s transition from York College to York University. 


"Eryn is talented in multiple ways but specifically excels at taking on long-range tasks as evidenced by her work during the university transition," commented Stark. "As director of publications, Eryn will utilize many of the same skills she already has and learn new ones as she tackles projects such as the Heritage magazine."


Conyers’ move into her new position opened the role of digital communications coordinator. This position has been filled by Eli Embray, a 2023 graduate of York University. Embray graduated summa cum laude with a degree in English. 


I am impressed with Eli's intelligence, determination and eloquence,” said Stark. “I am excited to begin working with him in this new role and believe he will do an outstanding job.”


These three moved into their new positions early this month, and will continue the transition throughout the summer.