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Academic Resource Center at Levitt

Phone: 402-363-5703

Location: 912 Kiplinger Ave, York, NE 68467

Mailing Address: 1125 E. 8th St., York, NE 68467

Academic Resource Center Staff

Leanna Hawley

Director of Academic Resource Center at Levitt

Ms. Hawley oversees all academic support services. Additionally, she coordinates  the Research and Writing Center on Levitt’s Main Level. Her guidance results in stronger documents, from research papers to medical school application essays.

Tonya Carr

Academic Support Services Coordinator

Ms. Carr crafts accommodation plans for students with disabilities, and supervises subject area tutors. Students requiring accommodations can schedule an appointment with her via email or by visiting her in the EDGE on the Upper Level of the ARC. 


Deb Cleveland

Coordinator of Academic Mentoring Program

Ms. Cleveland works with first-year York University students with conditional acceptance plans and provides developmental English instruction. Ms. Cleveland can be reached by email or by visiting her in the EDGE on the Upper Level of the ARC. 


Ramona Ratliff

Information Specialist

Ms. Ratliff advises students seeking digital and physical library materials as they complete research assignments. Email Ms. Ratliff  or visit her on the Lower Level of the ARC. 


Josh Nething

Academic Coach

Coach Nething provides one-on one guidance for students seeking to improve their academic skills, habits,  and performance. Visit the EDGE to schedule your coaching appointment or email him.