Dual Degree Natural Science Program

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York University offers the pathway to an engineering degree through a Dual Degree Natural Science Program. Students who choose this path earn a Bachelor of Science in Natural Science from York University in conjunction with a Bachelor of Science from an ABET accredited engineering program at another university (i.e. partner institution).

To earn the B.S. in Natural Science from York University students must:

  • Complete all the requirements found in the Natural Science degree plan.
  • Complete an additional 24 hours approved by York University of their 120 required hours from a partner institution.

Most students will complete the upper-division coursework from our partner institution, the University of North Dakota (UND), which offers coursework through distance education. This allows students to complete both degrees from York University campus (students will travel to North Dakota during one summer to complete required labs, York University does not cover room and board during that time).

University of North Dakota offers the following specializations: 

  • Chemical 
  • Civil 
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical

Each student will expect to receive personalized advising at York University regarding the requirements of a specific engineering field. The expected time to complete a Dual Degree program is 5 years. Since degrees vary from college to college, it is the responsibility of the student to check specific requirements at each college or university.

Due to the nature of the partnership, there are additional fees connected to the Engineering Dual Degree program. York University charges a $75 per credit fee for each UND course and students are required to cover their UND textbooks.