CLEP Testing

Clep Testing

York University ​now offers CLEP testing. The test costs $80, plus a site testing fee ($15 for current students and $25 for non-students). 

About CLEP Testing (brochure) 

For more information or to schedule a test, please contact the registrar's office at (402) 363-5675.

Credit by CLEP at York University

(Excerpt from York University Catalog, pg. 21) 
Credit is also given on the basis of The College Board’s College Level Examination Program. CLEP currently offers 33 different exams over a variety of subjects. Credit shall not be given for a course in which a student is enrolled, or has ever been enrolled, regardless of the grade earned in the course. If a student earns CLEP credit in a subject by taking the exam at another college, a CLEP transcript must be requested from the College Board, even if the credit appears on the other college’s transcript. A list of CLEP subject tests available at York University, along with testing fee information, is available from the Testing Office. If a student is successful in passing the CLEP exam, there is a $60 per credit hour recording fee that must be paid in the Business Office before the credit for the equivalent class will be noted on the student transcript.